Name: Anthony’s poison arrow frog / Epipedobates anthonyi
Sex: Male and Female
Morph: None
Born: 2020-2021 (Captive bred)
Terrarium: 30x30x45 cm
Tech: 1x 20w UVB, Waterfall + Pump, Fogger
Climate: 20-25°, 80% Humidity

Our frogs are a colorful and loud bunch 😀

We keep them in a smaller terrarium. Before this one they were living in a 60x50x80cm enclosure, but they didn’t really use the space and were living on the ground level most of the time. That lead to some issues where they didn’t always find their food easily, and also we had troubles checking up on them. Since we downgraded their home they seem to be happier, at least when I go by volume 😉