Name: Veiled chameleon / Chamaeleo calyptratus
Sex: Male
Morph: None
Born: 2021 (Captive bred)
Terrarium: 150x80x180 cm
Tech: 1x 150w HID, 1x 120w Metal Halide Lamp, Automated rain system, Dripper.
Climate: 25-38°, 50-80% Humidity

Our Veiled chameleon “Bob” came to use in 2021. He’s still quite young so we are feeding him quite constantly. We heard that young chameleons should be kept in a smaller enclosure, but as we are feeding him by hand that does not seem to be an issue for us. As far as I can tell he is enjoying it and moves from space to space during the day. From my point of view bigger enclosures are easier to regulate, as there are always hotter or colder spots – very humid or less, depending where you are.

The enclosure contains real plants, ropes and lianas so Bob can easily climb around how ever he likes. We installed a Dripper to make sure there is always running water for him to drink. Additionally, three times per day an automatic rain system sprays parts of the terrarium to raise the humidity.

As chameleons are quite sensible, I placed three temperature sensors in different regions in the enclosure, which are measured by an Arduino. If you like to see how i did it, click here.